Project Overview
Supply Chains The industrialized countries have had extremely bad experiences with Chinese supply chains and are building new supply chains. The locations and areas under the DESERT-VISION power plants are ideal for this purpose. EU-Millennium-Project 202GW of CO2-free, baseload electricity for EU energy independence. Spain's rise to become the European powerhouse and one of the largest and most prosperous  industrial nations in the EU.
Important Notice: The videos of the individual project descriptions build on the introductory video!
Server-Power Digitalization - a Curse and a Blessing at the same time! Forecasts predict that digitization will consume as much electricity as we use worldwide today, assuming no change in growth!
FOOD Less and less arable land is available for cultivation, while the population is growing. How can we break this Vicious-Circle? Food, Water and Energy for Africa Africa is extremely affected by climate change. Drying up, hostile areas let the stream of climate refugees increase exponentially! This poses an ever increasing threat to Africans and the rest of the world! NEW PALESTINE Palestine is a troubled country that deserves to live in peace and prosperity.  Peace, prosperity and security are crucial elements to give people back their dignity and create sustainable peace!
Green AUSTRALIA How DESERT-VISION can transform the  driest continent on earth into a green paradise
Türkiye Projesi Türkiye için Elektrik ve Tatlı Su Bağımsızlığı Egypt-Project Golden State - Project California is drying up. DESERT-VISION power plants make California flourish again, providing large amounts of  CO2-free electricity and space for the development of environmentally friendly supply-chains where they are urgently needed.
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