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Welcome to the DESERT-VISION We present you a technique and a concept that has the potential to change the world and avert the climate catastrophe. The website is divided into 3 topics: Introduction-Video this video gets all the information you need for the following projet videos. Project-Videos these videos report about different projects with different applications all over the world. Technology here we show you details from the DESERT-VISION technology and compare it with other solar power plant construction.
An appeal to reason! Industrialization began at the end of the eighteenth century, during which time we made the most amazing inventions. But two particularly important lessons we could learn from the progress: The technological superiority of nature compared to human technology is limitless! Whenever our technological developments run counter to the natural cycles, the catastrophe is inevitable! In this spirit DESERT-VISION was developed. DESERT-VISION is practiced natural technology, harmoniously embedded in the cycles of nature.
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