Thermo-Solar Power-Plants in Europe The EU urgently needs additional base-load power plants that produce CO 2 -free electricity! Here is the good news - due to increasing climate warming, it is now possible to generate such large amounts of electricity in the southern regions of Europe by using DESERT-VISION multifunctional Thermo-Solar Power Plants that the energy problem can be solved. Possible locations in Europe and their Capacity In the European Sun-Belt, the operation of DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plant is possible. A few thermo solar power plants are already operating successfully in the European sun belt. In this zone, there are many areas for the operation of DESERT- VISION multifunctional solar power plant is possible. This is due to the special design of the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants, which requires almost no space, so the space under the power plants is almost completely free for an infinite number of other applications! The European Sun Belt is extremely arid, so the huge amounts of fresh water generated by the waste energy of the power plants is a real benefit to these arid areas! In the course of global warming, the European Sun Belt is heating up more and more, so that the power of the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants is constantly increasing. Each of the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants is not only an energy and freshwater centre, but with its 6,000ha-plus area under the sun-protected mirror canopy, it is becoming a centre of prospersity. We describe the almost infinite possibilities for use under the mirror field here In the following consideration we take the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants as a basis with an electrical power of 4GWel, which corresponds to the power of 4 medium-sized nuclear power plants. In order to make the size of the solar mirror field better conceivable, we show the solar mirror area Area of a DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants with a size of 8x8km on the area of the vegetable growing area of Almeria. The description of the Almeria project can be found here. What does a 4GW el DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants provide: ≈ 4GWel of power (24/7) - equivalent to the output of 4 medium nuclear power plants. ≈ 440.000 m 3 of freshwater daily in one year ≈ 160 million m 3 annually this corresponds to the amount of ≈ 4 million tank trucks. By comparison, the German capital Berlin with its 3.6 million inhabitants consumes ≈ 160 million m 3 per year. CO 2 savings 10.8 Millionen Tonnen annual: Basis 0.34kg /kWh (coal) 4GW x 8,000 operating hours = 32,000GWh/pa. 32.000GWh x 1.000 = 32'000'000kWh x 0,34Kg/kWh = 10'880'000kg /1.000 =10'880'000to ≈ 6,400ha Sun-protected area under the solar mirrors in partial shade - ready for endless uses. Electricity distribution in Europe Today's technology offers us excellent possibilities for distributing the large quantities of electricity from the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants in Europe. The transmission of energy via modern ultra-high-voltage DC lines enables reliable distribution throughout the EU with extremely low power losses of < 3% per 1,000km! These cables are capable of transmitting several GW of electricity. Ultra high voltage direct current lines operate with direct current transformed to over 1 millon volts. This enables the transmission of very high power. Since direct current flows in the lines, no electromagnetic fields are generated that lead to the high transmission losses in ordinary high voltage power lines. This modern method of electricity transmission makes electricity generation completely independent of the electricity consumer! Electricity is a universal energy carrier, it can be converted into all other forms of energy - heat, cold, motion, hydrogen and much more. Basically, the availability of cheap, CO 2 -free electricity solves all energy problems because it can be used universally! With the operation of 30 DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants, CO 2 -free and base-load capable electricity is generated on safe terrain in the European Sun-Belt. With their 120GW of electricity (equivalent to 120 medium-sized nuclear power plants), the power plants provide the ideal base load power for the European grid and can be perfectly combined with other sustainable, volatile electricity generation systems such as photovoltaic and wind power plants. With the development of DV in the European Sun Belt, Europe could achieve CO 2 -free energy autaky. Additional advantages of the regions in which the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solarpower plants are installed The regions in the European Sun Belt are extremely dry and permanently suffer from a lack of fresh water. Thus, one of the main benefits is the desalination of seawater using waste heat from the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solarpower plants. Enormous amounts of fresh water are produced, which make the irid regions flourish again. The huge sun-protected areas under the solar-mirrors offer an infinite variety of uses. Especially the availability of cheap CO 2 -free electricity and drinking water is very attractive for many industries. No CO 2 certificates have to be purchased for the CO 2 -free generated electricity and the electricity can be obtained permanently, cheaply and, very importantly, predictably. These are conditions that are becoming increasingly attractive for energy and water-intensive production. Here you will find a description of some possible uses The operation of the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar-power plants will generate prosperity and many secure jobs in the regions!
Good News 210 GWel for the EU
European Sun-Belt
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