Drinking-Water Capacity
Thermosolar-Power-Plants generate their electricity by steam turbines. The steam must be cooled down after passing through the turbines - this is best done with water. In Power-Plants near the sea, sea water is used. The cooling process can also be used for Sea-Water-Desalination. Thus, huge amounts of salt-water can be converted into drinking water by using the Waste-Heat of the Power-Plant. The DESERT-VISION-Power-Plant described here would produce 1.7 million m³ drinking water per day, that is 602 million m³ of drinking water per year. Berlin, for example, Capital of Germany with 3.8 Mio. Inhabitants and a large industry, consumes in the year 206 million m³ Sweet-Water. The amount of Fresh-Water generated by the Solar-Power-Plant from the Waste- Energy is about three times as much as the city of Berlin consumes. In the future, Drinking Water will become an increasingly valuable commodity! The next Wars will no longer be fought over Oil, but over WATER - here is a current Example!
Shortage of Sweet-Water is one of the biggest Problems of Global-Warming and the Reason for the next WARS! DESERT-VISION-Solar-Power-Plants are the Solution!