Useful areas under the giant Solar-Mirror-Fields
This illustration shows that the mirror-field is placed over the buildings. The mirror- field is simply placed on the structure below. So any type of use is possible, from multi-storey buildings, to residential, offices or any industry. Entire farms and/or aqua-cultures can be built under the farms. For all uses, the mirror field ideally shields the scorching sun. The total area under the mirror fields of a complete DESERT-VISION power plant is 64 km 2 . After deduction of the defence areas, approx. 50 km 2 are available. Depending on the building development, the areas result. A complete city for hundred thousands of inhabitants can be built under each of the DESERT-VISION thermo-solar power plants. On the video we show how something like this could look.
This illustration clearly shows how the half-shadow is created under the large mirror-fields. The linear-mirrors can be rotated around their longitudinal axis so that they can follow the position of the sun. In order not to obstruct each other when rotating, there is a gap between the individual linear-mirrors through which the sunlight can pass. Approximately 90% of the desert-sun is reflected onto the receivers. This heats the water in the receivers to 550° Celsius. Approximately 10% of the sunlight passes through the mirror-field and creates a pleasant half-shadow underneath. The half-shadow creates a pleasant living climate. When used as a greenhouse, plants can grow without burning in the hot sunlight. Under the huge-mirror field, all conceivable uses are possible, from flats, offices, industrial production, farming in any form. The SUN-CITYS can be designed to give thousands of Refugees a new home in which they can live and work. The settlements are favoured by the permanently cheap electricity and fresh water production.
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