The challenges: Global-Warming threatens the Survival of our Race Associated with this is the spread of drought - more and more People have no Water to drink. Large Fields wither and are lost for food. Famine is spreading dramatically. Parallel to this, the World-Population is constantly increasing. This diabolical Development will destroy the Foundations of our Life. If we want to break out of this Vicious-Circle, we have to act NOW. With the DESERT-VISION Project we can take Countermeasures. The DESERT-VISION Project provides: Enough CO2-free, cheap Electricity for all People and Industry - for Eternity Enough Water to make the Deserts bloom again Enough Water so that no one has to Die of Thirst any more Enough Housing so that all Refugees can get a new Home The DESERT-VISION Project is certainly a bold Vision, but with incredible Potential - a Potential that can save US