After registration, the Refugees are assigned different Living-Quarters. The Families move into a spacious, comfortable Apartment. The   individual   female   and   male Adults   move   into   comfortable   Residences,   with   individual   small Apartments,   similar   to   a Student-Residence The Orphans move into shared Flats, which have the same Structure as the SOS Children's Villages . Hermann Gmeiner, founder of SOS Children's Villages, postulated Children need a family, they need a safe home and a safe environment to mature into self-confident adults. The children are divided into small Groups, each with a Children's-Village-Mother. In this Way, structures similar to those of Families are created, where the children can be intensively cared for. If possible, the Mothers should be recruited from the Women living on site who come from the same Environment. First and foremost is a safe, loving Environment where Trust and Self-Esteem can be built upon. In the second Place, there is the Possibility of Education. Depending   on   their   Age   and   Level   of   Education,   the   Residents   attend   Kindergarten   with   integrated   Pre-School   or different Classes of School. Basically,   the   Aim   is   to   obtain   the   Abitur   (High-School-Diplome)   and   then   go   on   to   further   Education-Schools,   such   as Universities, or alternatively to learn a Profession. The Goal is to have Healthy, self-confident Adults who can decide for themselves where they want to live. With their good Education and Level of Education thay are welcome anywhere in the World. With   our   Offer   to   all   rich   Countries   of   the   World,   which   today   see   Refugees   as   a   Problem,   we   want   to   offer   a Solution,   which   Refugees   do   not   represent   as   a   Problem,   but   as   a   Solution   and   a   wonderful   Chance   for   the Future. Each "Sun-City" will have a Reception-Capacity of up to 200.000 People. If you want to know more about our Offer, please write us under this link: Humanity  
We give Refugees a new, safe and cosy Home
More                   than                   70.000.000                   People                   are                   on                   the                   Run. With increasing Climate-Problems, the Number of Refugees will increase dramatically. As   a   Result   of   which   People   lose   their   Homes,   through   Violence   or   the   Uninhabitability   of   their   homes   -   it   is   always   a very traumatic Experience. These People risk their Lives to Survive and have a Future. These People need a new Home, which does not take away their Dignity, but Welcomes them.
People on the Run have only one Goal - to reach the wealthy States. The rich Countries are in a big Dilemma - on the one Hand their Ethics dictate that they must help, but on the other Hand too many Refugees in the Country are Destroying the Structures because the Integration Performance cannot keep up. Refugee Flows are completely inhomogeneous - they differ in: Age Education Origin Religion Level of Trauma and much more Groups of People who are so inhomogeneous are fundamentally difficult to Integrate, all the more so when it has to be done in rigid Societies. Today we have to realize that, even with the best Will in the World, Integration works only very poorly. We would therefore like to propose an alternative Path that benefits Everyone.
First of all, we need a place where the refugees are safe and - most importantly - feel at home.
When we talk about a Home, we don't mean that
Our houses for the future Residents will look like this.
The Apartments will be spacious and equipped with every Comfort. On the Roofs of the Houses, directly under the shady Solar-Mirrors, each Family will have its Terraces to spend their Free-Time. After moving into their Homes, the Refugees will no longer be Refugees, they will become proud Residents of the largest Climate Protection Project ever seen in the World.