New technology makes Vegetable-Oil to Gasoline
Just as fossil Crude-Oil must be adapted to the needs of a combustion engine, so must plant oil be adapted. After Years of Research and long-term Tests, we have succeeded in developing a "Cold-Cleaning-Process" that, on the one Hand, modifies the Vegetable-Oil in a completely natural Way so that it burns extremely cleanly in any Diesel- Engine or Turbine, while at the same time achieving a high power yield. The new "Cold-Cleaning-Process" is based on a new Type of mechanical Cleaning and the addition of natural Additives. Due to the Fact that the new ""Cold-Cleaning-Process" does not involve any Energy intensive Processes, the Process is extremely Economical. The new "Cold-Cleaning-Process" transforms the Vegetable-Oil into an ideal Fuel, with a high Cetane-Number, 80% less Fine-Dust, the low residual Fine-Dust is completely harmless, 40 Nitrogen Reduction and much more. These new Fuels are an absolute Game-Changer.
Delivery of Oil-Seed
Pickup fuel
Oil-Presses Press-Cake Cleaning-Units Tank ofnatural Additives Tank of  finished fuel
In this Way a modern Fuel with excellent Properties and CO2 free is Produced from simple Vegetable-Oil!