Palestine a narrow coastal strip on which almost 5 million people live - 780 inhabitants / km 2 . Palestine is completely dependent on Israel for its energy and water supply. As long as Palestine is dependent on Israel and cannot build its own homeland, there will be no peace between the arch-enemies Palestine and Israel. We want to show a viable way that brings peace to both peoples. To achieve this, we want to give Egypt what they need most - drinking water and electricity. In return, Egypt will give up a tiny part of its huge desert, barren and uninhabited. This part of the desert borders directly on the Gaza-Strip, expanding it from 370 km 2 to 5.370 km 2 . In the new Palestine also a SUN-CITY will be built. This will make New Palestine completely independent from other electricity and water suppliers. New Palestine could become one of the first CO2 free states in the world by building a SUN-CITY. With the large amounts of water from the DESERT-VISION Power-Plant, the desert could be renaturalized and part of the almost 4 GW of electricity could be sold. The vision of a NEW PALESTINE developed by us would be a win-win situation for all and the financing would cost much less than the constant War between Palestine and Israel.