We will only touch on the subject without going into depth How can one come up with the abstruse idea of transforming electricity - the highest form of energy - into such a problematic energy carrier as H 2 and waste up to 80% of the original energy in the process? Besides the incredible waste of sustainable, CO 2 free electricity, the handling of hydrogen is also extremely complicated, expensive and dangerous. Sometimes hydrogen is needed in industry, then it is easy to produce it from electricity at the point of use. Why have we managed without this problematic form of energy so far? Because we have produced electricity in power plants that have provided electricity around the clock. The classic power plants are base-load capable power plants, these power plants guarantee grid security and grid stability. Only the shutdown of these power plants brings us in the precarious situation to look for storage to compensate for the highly fluctuating power supply of renewable energy, such as photovoltaics and wind turbines. Using high power thermo-solar power plants with thermal night storage, we get sustainable, CO 2 free electricity 24/7, that means around the clock. The DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plant is such a base load capable solar power plant. Of course, such power plants have to be located where the sun's rays are strongest - in the deserts. Thanks to a proven transmission technology, it is now possible to transmit huge amounts of electricity over a single line with a power loss of only < 3% over a distance of 1,000 km. This power transmission is called high voltage direct current transmission. Up to 6GW el can be transmitted on one line! This transmission power corresponds to 6 medium nuclear power plants. More about this power transmission The operation of these power plants makes the nonsensical energy storage with H 2 completely unnecessary! In our "Europe-Project" we show how such power plants can be operated in the south of the EU and produce so much electricity that both the electricity demand and the heat demand of households and industry can be covered with it. If you look at it rationally, you will come to the conclusion that hydrogen technology is an absolute nonsense! The incredible investment costs, which must be invested in this technology, can be invested in intelligent technology, like the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants.
Hydrogen the BIG mistake
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