3:1 FOOD & FueL
What is the Difference between the two different Techniques 1:3 FUEL und 3:1 FOOD & FUEL? There are about 400 different Varieties of Vegetable-Oil producing Plants. They differ in yield and cultivation Methods. Only a few Plants thrive under such hot Conditions as those found in the Desert - one of them is "Jatropha curcas". This Plant stores a high Proportion of CO2 in its Stem and Roots - Resulting in the 1:3 fuel The Press-Cake produced by mechanical Pressing is used as natural Fertiliser. In less hot Areas, such as Savannahs, many other Plant-Species can be cultivated, in which not only the Vegetable-Oil is used, but also the 3 times larger Proportion - the Press-Cake is processed into high-quality Food - thus resulting in 3:1 Food & Fuel Not   only   is   a   Super   Food   and   Super-Fuel   produced   but   in   addition   huge   amounts   of   CO 2    are   taken from the air and large amounts of vital oxygen are produced. With up to 400 different Plants  it is possible to produce Food and Fuel. This Diversity makes it possible to select the ideal Plant Varieties for the different Locations. Furthermore, this Diversity means that Monoculture is not Necessary. All Plants can be supplemented with other Crops to create a Natural-Environment. This promotes Biodiversity to a considerable Extent. The Oil containing Fruits are mechanically Pressed out, thus the "Press-Cake" and the Vegetable-Oil is obtained. 2/3 Press-Cake and 1/3 Vegetable-Oil are obtained. Through   highly   efficient   Separation-Processes,   the   Press-Cake   is   processed   in   such   a   way   that   it   becomes   a   very   high- quality Foodstuff . The prepared Press-Cake  is processed into Bread , Pasta and much more . The   Power   to   Food   and   Fuel   Process   is   an   ideal   supplement   -   on   the   one   Hand, high-quality   energy-rich,   healthy   Food   is   produced   and,   on   the   other   hand,   a   biogenic Fuel is obtained. The   natural   CO 2 -free    fuel   is   used   to   Power   our   Power-Package ,   which   generates Electricity . Electricity   is   the   highest   Form   of   Energy    and   can   be   used   to   Power   anything    - Stoves for cooking, Computers, Vehicles, Boats, Planes and much more. In   this   Way   two   Things    can   be   produced   at   the   same   Time    that   are   most   needed   in   Africa   -   Food and       CO 2        free Fuel . If the own Needs are covered, these valuable Products can also be exported. In   this   way,   Africa   becomes   independent    of   the   Import   of   Food   and   Fossil- Energy . This   Food   and   Fuel   can   be   produced   locally ,   so   that   there   is   no   longer    any Dependence on international Markets . The   Cultivation   of   Power   to   Food   and   Fuel    will   create   many   Jobs   and   furthermore   it   is   a   valuable   CO 2 -Sink   and   a valuable Oxygen-Producer . A   Study   has   shown   that   by   Substituting   biogenic   Fuels    for   all   fossil   Fuels ,   it   is   possible   to   restore   the Atmosphere to the State it was in before Industrialisation - what a fantastic Vision . In addition, so much valuable  Food  would be produced that Nobody would have to Hunger - a real win-win situation . A Win for Nature and ALL Humans.
Pury Nut Press-Cake Jatropha-Tree