Summary of the Figures in the Example of a Multifunctional DESERT-VISION Fresnel-Thermosolar-Power-Plant described here
DESERT-VISION Fresnel-Thermosolar-Power-Plant Size of the Solar-Fields 4 times 16km² total 64km² Electrical-Power: 3.84GW / 24 Hours / 7 Day a Week Electrical Year: 21.120 GWh Power-Operating Hours up to 8.000 Freshwater-Production: 602 million m³/pa Half of the Fresh-Water is used to produce 1:3 FUEL The Plantation of 1:3 FUEL is 310km² The Production-Output is: 90.300.000l/pa / 90.300m³/pa / 567.924 US bbl oil (Barrel) With this you can 180.500 Vehicles can be operated for one Year The 1:3 FUEL Plantation is a large CO2 sink, it binds via Photosynthesis 180.500to CO2 permanently Multifunctional use of the sun-protected areas under the sun mirrors shown by an example calculation: Residential area: Apartments Areas 14.2 million m² For 150.000 Refugees Area for Schools, Clinics, Cinemas, Swimming-Pools, Shopping-Malls and much more: 5 million m² Industrial area: Office Space 10.6 million m² Production Areas 5.3 million m² Agriculture: Example milk production Stable Size 136 million m² Cattle 2 million Milk production 136 million hecto litres/pa. Area for product processing 11.2 million m²