DESERT-VISION multifunctional Thermo-Solar Power Plants Much more than a Thermo-Solar Power Plant! A thermo-solar power plant is a classic steam power plant. The main difference to other steam power plants is the generation of heat for steam production. The heat for steam generation is not generated by burning fossil fuels or nuclear fission, but by collecting and concentrating solar energy. To collect and concentrate the solar energy, special mirrors are used to concentrate the solar energy onto a receiver and directly convert water into steam (550°C). Thus, a thermo-solar power plant consists of conventional components, such as steam turbines (B) and a mirror field for energy collection. In addition to the steam turbines, a thermo-solar power plant needs a heat accumulator, which makes it possible to generate steam and thus electricity when the sun is not shining. Thus, thermo-solar power plants become 24/7 power plants - the storage tanks (A) make the thermo-solar power plants base load power plants. Base-load power plants are the backbone of stable grid operation. Without base-load power plants, alternative power generation such as photovoltaics or wind turbines could not be used. Multi-flash desalination (C) plants for fresh water generation are also among the proven standard technologies. For the construction of standard technologies, there are very renowned companies worldwide that offer and construct these technologies. DESERT-VISION mirror technology We have therefore specialised in the essential part of a thermosolar power plant - the mirror field. In previous thermosolar power plants, the mirror fields are the weak-point. The enormous investments in the tower- and trough-mirror fields coupled with extreme maintenance costs make these thermosolar power plants so unattractive. For various reasons, we have opted for Fresnel mirror technology and adapted it to our needs. DESERT-VISION mirror fields have the following advantages: Inexpensive, very stable and simple construction The flat linear mirror arrangement forms a half-shadow below the mirror field This design allows unlimited use of the cool areas below the mirror surfaces The DESERT-VISION Fresnel mirrors offer extremely high wind resistance and are therefore not vulnerable to storms. Abrasive sandstorms are completely safe for the mirrors because the mirrors can be rotated 180° degrees to a secured position in seconds! Mirrors are produced and assembled fully-autometrically directly on site Extremely long service life due to the use of the innovative panel construction from SOTA-DOMUS US Replacement of a mirror element in a few minutes No calibration necessary The mechanics of the DESERT-VISION mirror panels are reduced to a minimum, A precise servo-motor drives many linear mirrors simultaneously - no more mechanics are necessary. The incremental-encoders built into the servo-motor have a resolution of 10,000 steps per revolution. Due to these incremental-encoders, the extremely precise position of the mirrors is always guaranteed, without calibration. The electronics built into the servo-motors report any malfunction within milliseconds, so that it can be eliminated in the shortest possible time. At night, the linear mirrors are rotated 180° downwards and cleaned from below in this position. Fully automatic mirror cleaning overnight A newly developed cleaning method allows intensive cleaning without the use of abrasive brushes The cleaning is so gentle that it cannot scratch the mirror surface The cleaning of the linear-mirrors turned downwards allows the recirculation and direct cleaning of the rinsing water in the cleaning- robot. The consumption of water is thus minimised to almost zero. The cleaning of conventional mirror systems not only requires considerable effort, but also consumes many m 3 of fresh water. An optical measuring-device is built into the DESERT-VISION cleaning-robot, which measures the mirror-reflectance after the cleaning process and thus immediately detects and reports any damage. This measuring device ensures optimal operation of the DESERT-VISION mirror-field at all times. All maintenance work on the linear-mirrors can be carried out from below, so that the mirrors can be replaced quickly without having to enter the mirror-field from above.
A A A A A: Thermal-Storage B: Turbines-House C: Seawater-Desalination  C B Mirror-Field
A 0.5mm thick thin-film mirror Reflectance >99% B DESERT-VISION special multilayer film especially diffusion-tight For permanent vacuum-mirror-surface bonding For permanent sealing of the mirror coating C outer skin made of absolutely waterproof, cold-curing ceramic The expansion-coefficient of the ceramic shell of the mirror is identical to that of the mirror-glass. D High-performance SOTA-DOMUS honeycomb - load capacity >200 tons/m 2 The ceramic surface in combination with the high-performance honeycomb results in an extreme stiffness of the linear mirror.
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