The core competences of DESERT-VISION
Conceptual design One of the core competences of DESERT-VISION is the individual composition of the power plant components in order to achieve the desired properties. In contrast to conventional power plant projects the multifunctional DESERT-VISION power plants can fulfill a variety of additional functions. In order to achieve optimal functionality each DESERT-VISION power plant is individually adapted to local conditions and requirements. Solar field The largest and most complex construction element of a DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plant is the huge fully automatic solar field. The storage of thermal energy, the generation of electricity from steam and the desalination of sea water by evaporation are well proven techniques, which are purchased from internationally renowned manufacturers. It is different with the solar field, here very special characteristics must be observed. Extreme longevity Highest precision over the whole lifetime Easy and fast maintenance Fully automatic operation Fully automatic cleaning Inexpensive on-site production The special mirror technology of the DESERT-VISION meets the requirements in an ideal way and cannot be compared with conventional techniques. Buildings under the solar fields One of the most outstanding features of DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants is the possibility to use the sun-protected area under the solar field in an almost unlimited way. Entire cities can be built underneath, meeting the latest standards of sustainability. The world's most sustainable, durable and cost-effective construction technology is used - the "SOTA-DOMUS" technology. Learn more about this groundbreaking construction technology here.
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