Possible use of the protected areas under the solar-mirrors
Basic principles: In the picture shown here, you can see very well how the solar mirror surface shades the areas below. A cooling half-shade is created, which creates a pleasant climate under the mirrors even in the hottest areas. The areas thus protected from the burning sun can be used in many ways. The height at which the mirror surfaces are mounted is irrelevant for the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plant and the mirror height can be adapted to the use. The use of the protected area under the solar mirrors is almost limitless, so we will limit ourselves in this description to a few, but very important uses. Of course, the individual uses can be combined with each other. Agriculture: Vegetables and fruit production In principle, the huge solar mirror roof represents a large, solid greenhouse. In this "greenhouse" you can harvest several times a year. A 1 GW DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plant has a mirror surface of 1,600 ha. Up to 200,000 tonnes of vegetables and fruit can be harvested under the mirror surface. The value of this commodity is about 130,000 million euros. Of the fresh water produced by the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plant, only about 10% is used for agriculture. The surplus freshwater can be used elsewhere or sold. Animal breeding, meat production and feed production The production shown here is only a rough estimate to give an idea of the possibilities. We show the various possibilities using a pig-meat production as an example. The first floor is for pig breeding and meat processing. On the second floor, directly under the solar mirrors, part of the feed is produced. Special features: The liquid manure is processed in a special procedure and serves as fertiliser for the fodder production. A special process ensures that the slurry is immediately transformed into an aerobic state, so that no putrefactive gases such as nitrous oxide, methane gas, etc. are produced. The stable air is treated and the methane gas emitted directly by the animals is filtered out. The stable air is absolutely free of ammonia vapours and fine dust. These measures make antibiotic-free animal husbandry possible. Each animal has at least 3m 2 of space, 30% more than is required in organic animal husbandry. On the lowest floor, 15 Mio. m 2 are available for breeding and 10.000m 2 for meat processing. Up to 5 million pigs can be kept in the barn. The pigs are ready for slaughter every 6 months, which means that they are occupied twice a year. This means that about 10 million pigs can be bred per year. This results in an annual meat production of approx. 960,000 tonnes. Of course, all kinds of combinations are possible, such as the keeping of milk and slaughter cattle, etc. The most important thing is to keep the animals in a species- appropriate manner and to protect the environment. Animal husbandry requires about 30% of the drinking water produced. Breeding of maritime animals Fish and their fellow species are among the healthiest foods. About half of all these creatures come from breeding facilities. In these breeding facilities, the animals are kept under extremely unhealthy conditions, so that they have to be kept alive with large amounts of antibiotics. These antibiotics contaminated animals, provide more and more life- threatening antibiotic resistant germs. Today's fish farms are often a disaster for the environment. On the other hand, every marine life that is not fished out of the sea is a relief for the natural stock of the seas. The ideal case would be if all marine organisms intended for food came from sustainable farms that work in a closed loop process. Hybrid systems that combine the breeding of marine organisms with the cultivation of vegetables have proven particularly successful in this regard. In the cultivation of vegetables, breeding in so-called vertical farms is proving increasingly successful. These cultivation plants can work almost fully automatically and the dosing of the nutrients is possible exactly. Pesticides or artificial fertilizers are a thing of the past. In combination with fish farming, the excrements of the fish serve as natural fertilizer and a part of the pallets can be processed as feed. A 6-storey plant would be conceivable. On the first floor there is the fish breeding, the fish processing and the vegetable processing. In the floors 2-4 is the breeding of the various martime animals and in the last two floors is vertical farming. Under the solar mirrors of a 1 GW DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plant would have 16 million m 2 available for processing and fish farming. 48 million m 2 would be available for the cultivation of marine life and a further 32 million m 2 could be used for vertical farming. This environmentally friendly food production would be a significant relief of oceans, rivers, lakes and through vertical farming a great relief of the environment, by avoiding pesticides, artificial fertilizers and the leaching of fertile soil. This food production could provide many thousands of people with healthy food. Industry plants Basic information The 1 GW DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plant produce huge amounts of CO 2 free electricity - 24h/7days. The production parameters are absolutely stable and so are the electricity prices. Furthermore, approx. 5,000m 3 of fresh water are produced every hour. These are 2 essential prerequisites for energy and fresh water consuming industries. These advantages, coupled with well-educated young people, could be an ideal location for new industrial settlements. A very significant part of the settlements under the DESERT- VISION multifunctional solar power plant should be people who have lost or had to give up their home-land. These people are trained locally and represent an important resaurce for the industrial new settlements. An important aspect in this context is that the industry must sustainably move away from its old industrial sites, which are located in unstable, dangerous countries such as China, etc. The DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants will be extremely good, sustainable locations. The DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants locations will offer extremely good, sustainable, safe and cheap production conditions. The DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants will offer ideal conditions for textile production and of course especially for the special energy intensive production like steel and aluminum processing. Glass production and processing are also ideal partners. For these industries, a stable, inexpensive and predictable energy supply is existential. Another industrial partner will be the data processing industry. With increasing automation, external data storage, expansion of network services and server farms for cryptocurrencies and much more, this is an exploding market with a huge energy hunger. The cheap, CO 2 -free, secure energy supply combined with fresh water production will be a powerful magnet for industrial settlements. The resulting new jobs will guarantee the settled refugees a permanent secure job. In a safe environment, it enables industry to settle in a sustainable manner with conditions that can be calculated in the long term. Many of the new attractive industrial settlements will be under the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants. Living under the protective sun mirrors of the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants Over a billion people are already living in uninhabitable climate hotspots! In the next 20 years their number will increase to over 3 billion people! If we don't start making new habitable cities now, these people will try to flee to habitable areas. The DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants will offer a safe new home to many of these unfortunate people. We would like to use our project "City of Liberty" to show the possibilities offered by DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants as an example. City of Liberty City of Liberty is a project we are developing for a large investor. You can download the complete description here. The residential developments are blocks of appartements with 11 floors. The solar mirrors of the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plant are attached above the blocks of appartements. An entire city is created under the protective solar mirrors of a 1 GW DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plant. 510 apartment blocks can be built under the solar mirrors plus schools, hospital, administration buildings, etc.. Up to 1,500 people can live in each apartment block. 765,000 people will find a safe, comfortable apartment in 510 blocks of apartments. A detailed description of the residential development can be found here. Vacation Resort Another very interesting use of the huge sun-protected area under the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plant is building a vacation resort. Since the DESERT-VISION multifunctional solar power plants are basically located in very warm regions directly by the sea, it offers to build here large diverse, very attractive vacation resorts. Such resorts could also be combined with casinos like in Las Vegas. Likewise, large theme parks could be built, such as a Venice with canals and much more. What we describe here is a small sample of the endless possibilities. Everything can be combined with everything. The construction under the protective solar mirror follows the respective needs.
10 apartment blocks form a unit
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