4 autonomous Solar-Power-Plants with the sides lengths of 4km Each Mirror-Field  has a Size of 16km² , together 64km² The   Power-Plants   are   designed   with   a   Thermal-Storage   of   15h ,   so   that   they   can   supply   24h   electricity    - so they are capable of base load Operating-Time up to 8000h/pa Cleaning and Inspection of the Mirror systems is fully automatic at Night The    depreciation    period    can    be    estimated    at    >    50    years     due    to    the    longevity    of    the    Sota-Domus     Mirror Technology The output of all 4 Solar-Power-Stations is 3.84GW  - as much as 4 medium Atomic-Power-Plants The amount of electricity generated per year is 21.120 GWh Berlin,   for   Example,   Capital   of   Germany   with   3.8   Mio.   Inhabitants    and   a   large   Industry ,   consumes   in   the   Year 13.433 GWh  - with only 62%  of the Power-Plant-Capacity  we could supply All of Berlin with Electricity!
Technical-Description of the DESERT-VISION multifunctional Solar-Power-Plants: