In order to produce the 1:3 FUEL, large Jatropha plantations must be planted. The Jatropha plantations need 10,000m³ of fresh water per year for hectare. The plantation area prospected in the pilot project is 310 km², which corresponds to 31.000 hectares. On the plantation about 40.000.000 new trees will be planted, reaching a height of 2-3 m - 40 million trees where today is desert. The annual sweet-water consumption is 310 million m³, which is half of the sweet water produced. Photosynthesis binds 7,92kg/l - the result is a CO2 sink of 714.701to/pa. CO2 certificates will cost 60€/to in the near future, which will generate additional annual revenues: 714.701to x 60€/to = 42.882.060€/pa. Production output 1:3 FUEL: 90.300.000l/pa - 90.300m³/pa - 567.924 US bbl oil (Barrel) With this amount of 1:3 FUEL roughly 180.500 vehicles could drive for one year
1:3 Fuel Plantage