Thermosolar-Power-Plants generate their electricity by steam turbines. The steam must be cooled down after passing through the turbines - this is best done with water. In power plants near the sea, sea water is used. The cooling process can also be used for sea-water desalination. Thus, huge amounts of salt-water can be converted into drinking water by using the waste heat of the power plant. The power plant described here would produce 1.7 million m³ drinking water per day, that is 602 million m³ of drinking water per year. Berlin, for example, Capital of Germany with 3.8 Mio. Inhabitants and a large industry, consumes in the year 206 million m³ Sweet-Water. The amount of Fresh-Water generated by the Solar-Power-Plant from the Waste-Energy is about three times as much as the city of Berlin consumes.  In the future, Drinking Water will become an increasingly valuable commodity. Thermo-Solar-Plants produce Drinking Water where it is most needed.
Drinking-Water Capacity
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