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Project Specification
On   the   basis   of   the   4   Diamond   -   Project   we   demonstrate   the   incredible   Efficiency   and   Possibilities   of   the   DESERT- VISION                                                             multifunctional                                                             Solar-Power-Plants. We         assume         a         location         in         the         Tunisian         Desert         near         the         Mediterranean         Sea. Here   there   are   ideal   conditions   -   extreme   solar   radiation,   seawater   cooling,   opposite   Europe,   infrastructure   and   endless unused                                                                                                                                                                          desert.
18km length  30km length  540Kmē  Cooling Pipe  Cooling Pipe  Cooling Pipe
The   project   provides   for   4   independently   operating   solar   power   plants,   each   with   a   mirror   area   of   4KM   x   4KM   sides length. All   4    DESERT-VISION   multifunctional   Solar-Power-Plants    have   a   Mirror-Area   of   16KM²   or   16.000.000m²   -   this makes it the largest Solar-Power-Plant ever built. Beside the solar power plant a „Jatropha-Farm“ with 306 KM² is planned, in which our 1:3 FUEL is produced.
4 Multifunctional DESERT-VISION  SOLAR-POWER-PLANTS Jatropha-Farm 306 KMē Production of 1:3 Fuel Factory Grounds