Why do the solar fields of the DESERT-VISION solar power plants have  an almost unlimited lifetime?
The differences between the different types of power plants are due to the specific mirror constructions. The complex mechanics of the heliostat mirrors of the tower power plant are subject to constant wear from the abrasive desert sand. The fragile construction of the parabolic mirrors, which have to be constantly recalibrated, bends the desert wind on the supporting structure. Not so the simple but extremely robust Fresnel mirror system. The linear mirrors have a very small wind-attack area and in the event of a sandstorm, the mirrors rotate into their protective night position. The SOTA-DOMUS mirror array is extremely robust and in the event of damage, the individual mirror can be replaced in a matter of minutes, so the mirror array can be used without Limid with little effort. All technology except the solar fields is identical to the other systems.
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