Due to the disruptive technologies with which the sun- mirror fields are built, the following advantages result: Low investment costs Low operating costs Low maintenance costs Extremely long durability Very fast assembly The result: fast armortisation &                    high profitability
What are the largest cost items of a thermo-solar-power plant - the mirror fields?
In the development of the solar fields, we have gone completely new ways. We    use    the    revolutionary    construction    technology    of    the    SOTA-DOMUS SWISS    and   construct   both   the   mirrors   and   the   supporting   structure   from   the basic materials. The   6m   long   solar   mirrors   have   a   high   performance   honeycomb   core   and   an upper and lower layer of extremely stable ceramic. This pairing has the following advantages to conventional metal mirrors. Extremely stiff mirror construction Exceptional precision The   expansion   coefficient   of   the   supporting   structure   is   identical   with   the mirror, because everything is of mineral origin. Since   there   is   neither   flaking   paint   nor   corrosion,   as   is   the   case   with metallic   constructions,   one   can   assume   that   the   mirrors   are   maintenance- free for many decades. Also   with   the   mirror   allocation   and   the   glass   choice   we go completely new ways. The   voluminous   supporting   structure   of   the   solar   mirrors   is manufactured on site. A   special   0.8mm   thick   flexible   glass   is   delivered   to   the   production   site   on rolls. At   the   production   site,   the   glass   is   chemically   silver-plated   and,   after   vacuum drying,    immediately    applied    to    the    mirror    substrate    using    double-sided adhesive high barrier film. Through   this   process,   for   which   a   patent   has   been   applied,   the   supporting structure and the high-performance mirror are permanently joined together. The   production   of   the   mirror   carrier,   the   mirroring   of   the   glass   and   the   mirror application take place in a process automat. Thus the production becomes unrivalled inexpensive and fast. A   fully   automatic   machine   is   capable   of   producing   up   to   1.3   million   m².   This corresponds    to    the    solar    mirror    size    required    for    approx.    1GW.    1GW corresponds to the output of a medium nuclear power plant.  
The   supporting   structure,   into   which   the   linear   sun   mirrors   are suspended, is also made of a glass reinforced mineral. This   means   that   the   supporting   structure   can   be   produced   quickly and cheaply on site. The    structure    also    does    not    require    any    paint    or    corrosion protection. It is absolutely maintenance-free for many decades.
Maintenance work is virtually eliminated over a very long period of time. For   an   optimal   function   of   the   mirrors,   these   must   always   be   absolutely   clean, so that the reflection is always perfect. To   ensure   this,   the   linear   mirrors   rotate   downwards   at   night   and   are   then perfectly cleaned by several cleaning robots.  Parallel   to   the   cleaning,   the   mirrors   are   optically   measured so     that     even     the     smallest     errors     can     be     detected immediately. Due   to   the   fully   automatic   cleaning   of   the   mirror   fields,   the operation of the system is almost fully automated.