How can DESERT-VISION solar power plants not only reduce CO2 emissions,  but also achieve pre-industrial CO2 levels?
The CO 2 return to the pre-industrial age is possible! At first it seems absurd, but with the storage of carbon from the air in the oil plants, with the help of photosynthesis, it becomes possible. The oil plants are an ideal instrument to separate CO 2 from the air. In order to permanently remove the carbon from the atmosphere, the plant residues are transformed into carbon in a pyrolysis plant - BIO-COAL is produced! This BIO-COAL is permanently introduced into the soil as a soil conditioner - the carbon is back where it should be in the soil. According to a study it is possible, if one produces enough biological fuel to extract so much carbon from the air, that the CO 2 content corresponds again to the pre-industrial level. It is described as "PRE-FUEL - PARADOX", which means the more mobility, the faster we reach the desired level. MOBILITY without Regret!
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