How can DESERT-VISION solar power plants be used to solve the  mobility problem on land, on water and in the air?
Mobility rethought At first glance, the connection between the DESERT-VISION projects is not obvious in the context of mobility, but wait and see, we will surprise you! Without mobility, our world today would be unthinkable, but we are on a completely wrong path! Electric drives may be a sensible way to go at first glance, but it is not possible due to the low storage capacity of the batteries for flying, heavy goods vehicles, large ships etc.. Out of necessity, one tries to close this gap with hydrogen, but this is not only an expensive, inefficient, but also very dangerous way. We would like to present the ultimate solution to you here in short form. You can find further information on the pages of the company "PRE-FUEL", another enterprise of SOTA-DOMUS US. The ideal storage medium is vegetable oil - storage density 10.5KWh/kg! In comparison, a modern LI battery has a storage density of approx. 140WH/kg - 0.14KWh/kg. Vegetable oil therefore has a storage density almost a hundred times higher! Vegetable oil can be used in all combustion engines. In order to generate sufficient vegetable oil, so-called „pioneer plants“ should be cultivated in the outer regions of the sun cities, which produce large quantities of vegetable oil in their fruits. The cultivation of pioneer plants has further advantages: Vegetable oil production Production of animal feed from the press residues of oil production - 1/3 palm oil / 2/3 animal feed Land preparation of the desert soil for the future cultivation of other plants (greening of the deserts). A more detailed video description will be available here shortly. Further information
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