How are DESERT-VISION solar power plants much more lucrative than  conventional solar power plants?
Basically, every project stands and falls with its financial viability! Today it is common that thermo-solar power plants have to reinvest themselves through their sale of electricity. This puts them in competition with other power generation methods. The fantastic „Desertec“ project failed because oil and gas became extremely cheap and solar power no longer seemed to pay off - a fatal mistake! Safe, CO 2 -free electricity from a 24/7 power plant is an absolute strategic resource and therefore cannot be measured exclusively in pecuniary terms. Europeans are currently having to learn this very painfully! The investment in a DESERT-VISION solar city, has an even greater strategic importance, because it not only provides large amounts of CO 2 free electricity, but it produces huge amounts of fresh water where it is urgently required, it creates an infrastructure in a region that has been completely untapped until now, creating endless new potentials: new homeland for refugees great potential for food cultivation CO 2 -free new industrial settlements and endless other possible uses What has been described here are the numerous pillars on which financing and amortisation can be built. DESERT-VISION not only solves many painful problems, but it will prove to be not only one of the most meaningful investments, but one of the most lucrative!
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