What you see here on the Picture is our Power To Fuel Laboratory - made by Mother Nature. The sun's energy is captured through the leaves and our fuel is generated through photosynthesis. The most intelligent fuel production there is! Not only is a Super-Fuel produced (80 times as much energy per kilogram as a LI ion battery) but in addition huge amounts of CO2 are taken from the air and permanently bound in the Plant and large amounts of vital oxygen are produced. In addition, 1:3 FUEL can be produced at the same price as conventional fuel.
Artificial POWER TO FUEL Manufacturers require the extremely expensive and environmentally harmful electricity from surplus production from PV and Wind-Energy plants. Then extremely complex equipment is needed to produce fuel from the CO2 in the air that no one can afford. It is absolutely impossible to produce the Quantities necessary to replace fossil fuels. Production Costs are currently 4 times the Price of fossil Fuel. The arrogance of scientists is frightening! The answers are right in front of us. Once again nature shows us its boundless superiority!
Artificial POWER TO FUEL Laboratory Natural POWER TO FUEL Laboratory